I’ve been so blessed over the last months in many ways. I hope to share all those blessings with you as I write about the tremendous amount of love and support FULL BLOOM has received. Wedding couples have been especially generous, and I can’t wait to share some of those love stories with you. We also enjoyed an amazing late summer evening dinner under the stars – Dinner en Blanc – to raise more awareness of our mission and cause. It was a huge success and you will be swooning over all the images by the tremendously talented Lisa Wise. There is so much to share, but first I want to take a moment to let you know why we do what we do. IMG_7576

It’s easy sometimes to get lost in all the busy of what you are trying to accomplish. There are many details to think about and manage. I was feeling particularly “busy’ after a wedding donation weekend (2 days, 5 weddings, multiple directions). When the hustle was over, I received a note that made me forget the busy, and fall absolutely IN LOVE with FULL BLOOM again and again. This small note fueled my energy even more and I can’t wait to share with you all the great things that are in store! FullSizeRender

This is what we do – this is why we do it. period.

Take a moment today and think of a time when a small gesture has touched your life in a positive, moving way. Better yet, think about how you can improve someone’s day with your own thoughtfulness. This type of love is a very real and tangible thing. It improves, uplifts, comforts, supports and adds value to another. It has a lasting quality and

I am IN LOVE with it!


Dinner en Blanc features Chef Lesa Le Beau | Come Sit At Her Table

I’m thrilled to introduce to you, Dinner en Blanc’s featured chef: Lesa Le Beau.

image1She’s backed with amazing talent and experience. Originally from California, Lesa has prepared dinners for Oscar after parties and Grammy celebrations. She has catered many private events for clients like Fred Segal, Sean Penn, and many celebrity charity events.

Lesa is well versed in different cuisines and mixology (she can cook up amazing Thai!). She has a tremendous interest in the discovery of sustainable food sources. And to top it all, she has a passion for instructing. Book early, her classes are sell-outs at The Culinary Stone.

Finding a chef to create a meal for Dinner en Blanc was a daunting task. I had a vision in my head, an idea of a farm to table menu, and no idea where to find the chef that could equal the task at hand. I began to ask around and it didn’t take long before everyone I spoke to dropped Lesa’s name. By the way, her name – rolls off the tongue. It’s as sweet as sugar to say and I just absolutely LOVE to say it. Say it: Lesa Le Beau. (La – Bow). sigh. I’m honored to have her support at Dinner en Blanc and enjoy a peek at the beautful menu she has crafted. Reserve your seats NOW, there aren’t many seats left! RESERVE HERE.


ROSEMARY FILET OF BEEF TENDERLOIN | with a blackberry Merlot reduction

FRESH CAUGHT GRILLED SALMON | with a Dijon leek sauce

CRACKED BABY POTATOES | with an herbed creme fraiche

ROASTED LOCAL VEGETABLE SALAD | with artisan olive oil and balsamic vinegar

served family style


FULL BLOOM + Dinner en Blanc

You’re invited to the most exclusive and exciting dinner party of the Summer!


When thinking of a way to bring the community together to benefit FULL BLOOM, I began to think about some of my favorite things: good food + good music + good company. Pair this, of course, with taper candles, bistro lighting and a lush table setting – all in white – and you have

Dinner en Blanc

I am thrilled to share this evening with you! This will be a street dinner, farm – to – table, family style dining experience. The first of it’s kind in Coeur d Alene. We are partnering with Culinary Stone, Riverstone, Pastry and More and other local vendors to bring you a fabulous evening you won’t want to miss!

and because it’s Dinner en Blanc, YOU MUST WEAR WHITE..

Please visit the EVENTS page to make your reservation. Seating is limited!

All proceeds will benefit The FULL BLOOM.



Sometimes a relationship falls together and you just ‘know’ it’s meant to be. Well let me tell you about this new match made in heaven! I’m so excited to share with you a new partnership with FULL BLOOM!

Introducing FLOWER BAR:  a floral design studio that will offer corporate, residential and personal subscription floral services along with designs for pretty events!IMG_0105 IMG_0106

Please plan on stopping by this Thursday evening, January 29, 2015 from 5-8pm and see what it’s all about and how wonderfully these two will work together!

There will be giveaways + Pastry and More deliciousness + pretty flowers in an amazing studio space. Located in the Villages at Riverstone. 2026 Beebe Blvd. CDA.

Here are some behind the scenes of the fun and pretty going on at the studio getting ready to open the doors and shout HELLO LOVE!

IMG_0035 IMG_0025 IMG_0015 IMG_0120

I hope to see you there!




This weekend TAKES THE CAKE

This weekend TAKES THE CAKE – literally.  Here’s a recap of the loving going on over the weekend:

photo 5So this weekend was kinda special to FULL BLOOM. We not only received the wedding flowers as a donation, but we actually did the floral design for the bouquets that were donated. That’s a total love-love relationship. In case you haven’t heard, FULL BLOOM will be offering floral design for a limited number of events this year. Designing for Janelle was effortless, especially since the bride said – I trust you. Go with it. (yes!)photo 1

It was a late night of prepping & humming Wicked songs throughout the night..

(Wicked on stage + flowers on stage = in the same night.) late night, but worth it. so worth itphoto

Saturday morning I went to the Davenport Hotel to deliver the goods. The man at the door was just so cute! He asked if he could hold something for me? I said, “sure! hold these and smile for picture!”  I couldn’t resist!photo 4

Meet Janelle: the very beautiful bride. loved her instantly, she glows inside and out. I was so happy to be a part of her big day. photo 5photo 1

photo 4

I headed out to High Country Orchard that evening to pick up the donation. Have you been there? It’s such a fun venue, and from the looks of the after-party, things were hoppin’.photo 3photo 3

So don’t mind me, I was gathering flowers and snapping pics of all the adorable decorations and then I spotted….the leftover cake.

Yes. yes, I did.

I took a bite. ok, 2 bites. but that’s all, I swear! so yum.

note: the beer, though, was not mine. photo 3photo 4photo 1

Janelle & Shawn: Happy Wedding, Happy Life! Congratulations to you both! Thanks for letting us be a part of your day! photo 4To inquire about floral design services, please go here.

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